We have a diverse inventory of colored stones, which are displayed so as to inspire you with the possibilities of custom jewelry. If there is a specific stone you are dreaming of, we are more than happy to find it for you. We will search until we find the stone that is right for you.




   The four Cs ( Color, Cut, Clarity & Carat) can still be used to talk about colored stones, but with different emphasis. For most people, color becomes the number one factor. Certainly color affects the price of a gem and often is the greatest indicator of its value. Highly saturated, vivid color is what defines the ideal gem.



       Cut, referring to a stone's proportions, arrangement and precision of its faceting. How well a stone is cut determines how it sparkles and flashes. Gems are cut to act like prisms and mirrors, with light entering and being reflected back out through the top so the eye perceives it in all its glory. Carat weight is straightforward in its effect on price: the heavier a gem is the more expensive it becomes.

So if you are interested in buying a colored stone, come and talk to us. Our knowledge and experience are at your disposal.